The staff at Gynecologic Oncology Associates Partners LLC dedicate themselves to one goal: to improve treatments and cure rates for the over 100,000 women annually diagnosed with gynecologic cancer.

Dr. John Paul Micha founded Gynecologic Oncology Associates (GOA) in Newport Beach in 1985 to provide better treatment options for women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers. The next few years saw great gynecologic oncologists trained at Harvard, Cornell, USC, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania and other fine institutions join GOA. This included Dr. Conley Lacey from Scripps and Dr. Leo Lagasse from UCLA. GOA gynecologic oncologists have been directors of gynecologic oncology at USC, Scripps, UCLA, acting director at City of Hope, Tulane and other major institutions prior to joining GOA. As GOA continued growing into the 1990s, the group was able to take the advanced step of forming a management service organization (MSO), allowing the group to continue its steady growth and focus their efforts on exceptional patient care. World-class gynecologic oncologists, such as Dr. Paul Morrow, at USC, were able to become part of the GOA system. For three decades, Dr. Morrow wrote the finest gynecologic oncology textbook in the world. When Dr. Micha opened his GOA practice in 1985, Dr. Morrow was the first person to call Dr. Micha, wished him luck and offered to help him in any way possible. Dr. Morrow knew then that there was a tremendous need for excellent gynecologic oncologists in Orange County and throughout California. Dr. Morrow, Dr. Lacey and Dr. Leo Lagasse have since retired, but new generations of excellent GOA gynecologic oncologists have come on board and expanded GOA Partners LLC’s mission.

Gynecologic Oncology Associates Partners LLC has used research as the foundation of increasing cure rates. Since 1985, physicians have promoted clinical trials as a way of gaining advanced knowledge in the field of gynecologic oncology and access to new innovative treatments. With the formation of the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF), in 2003, the caring specialists at Gynecologic Oncology Associates Partners LLC have greatly increased their research capability, thus offering better care for the patients while searching for new cures. WCRF funds, monitors and reports on clinical research being performed by the doctors at Gynecologic Oncology Associates Partners LLC, conducting as many as 15 clinical studies at any given time. This gives patients access to the newest treatments.

Gynecologic Oncology Associates Partners LLC has become the largest, busiest gynecologic oncology management group on the West Coast. Gynecologic Oncology Associates Partners LLC continues to grow and contribute to a brighter future for patients and families in Southern California and beyond.
GOA Partners LLC Administration

Why GOA Partners LLC ?


GOA Partners LLC has managed multiple medical practices over 3 decades on the West Coast.

Continuous, Total Patient Care

Gynecologic Oncology Associates Partners LLC provides our patients with everything from diagnosis to treatment, including specialized cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation consults, newest treatment options and experimental medications, all in our private, community-based setting. Our patients become part of the GOA Partners LLC family, with close relationships bonding the patients, physicians, nurses and staff together. That, in turn, results in better and more individualized care This is the reason the subspecialty of gynecologic oncology was started in 1974. It is much more convenient for patients to receive all their care in one office, with one super-specialist caring for them. Most importantly, this approach results in higher cure rates.

Better Treatments

Minimally-invasive surgeries offer advanced treatment with less pain and faster recovery. GOA Partners LLC is one of the busiest robotic and minimally invasive gynecologic oncology groups in America.

Path-breaking Clinical Trials

Through the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation, physicians conduct dozens of clinical trials each year. This gives the patients access to the latest new treatments in development. GOA Partners LLC affiliated WCRF publishes the results of their research, so that physicians and patients worldwide can benefit from advances in the field.

Exceptional Outcomes

Our 5-year survival rates tracked by Hoag Hospital outpace the national average.